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Who is DJ King General/RasGeneral Sound
King General was born in Kingston 13, Jamaica. He relocated to the states in 1991. His mother and uncle use to promote dance events every month in the 80's with Black Scorpio Sound, Road Runner Sound and do Round Robin Events. His mother worked at a record store name Disco Land along with Byron Lee and the Dragon Airs. In his house every month many artists was around like Dean Fraser, Mighty Diamond, Yellow man, Gregory Isaac just to name a few.
In the 90's he learn the craft of engineering. This allowed him to be around artistes like Super Cat, and Lexus. His father played with a sound and traveled from NY to Miami and Canada. When King General's mother loaned him money to purchase a car he used it to purchase equipment to build his first sound which showed his true dedication to music.

DJ King General's first sound started in the early 90's. He later changed his sound name to RasGeneral Sound; started out playing back yard gigs, house parties, and then weddings all over Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and so on. Spent over 30 to 40,000 dollars on vinyls from VP Records, Original Records, Super Power Records traveling all over to different record stores in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and also getting record from Jamaica and Miami; started out playing only reggae music, but later extended his genres to playing Spanish music like Salsa, Buchaechum, Reggaeton, also popular french music from places like Haiti and Ivory Coast including Zouk, Kompa, and Coupé Décalé. What he been doing over the years was playing show alongside Afrique Sound System, Road International, Soul Supreme, Body Guard, Funk Master Flex and DJ Magic from hot 97 play in Jamrock Night Club, Q club, Legend Night Club.He is currently working alongside producers and artist from countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, UK, etc. He is looking forward to going on many tours in the upcoming years. King General is very passionate about music that is what pushes him to conquer every part of the music industry. He does not plan on stopping anytime soon so you should look forward to watching him making his mark in the music world.

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