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Meet Spectra, the rising star from Africa who's shattering glass ceilings and breaking records. Born Itayi Egypt Patsika, Spectra's journey to stardom was paved with challenges and setbacks, but his unwavering determination and passion for music kept him going.


From his early days in Zimbabwe, Spectra was exposed to hip-hop and reggae music, which sparked a fire within him. He began performing under the stage name Babyshuz, later shortened to Shuz, and gained popularity in the local Dancehall scene. Tragedy struck when his musical mentors, Jah B and Daddy Distress, passed away, leaving Spectra heartbroken and searching for a new path.


Undeterred, Spectra reinvented himself, adopting the pseudonym Spectra and seeking out new opportunities. His big break came when he met DJ King General, who saw his potential and signed him to Ras General Sound record label. With a new team behind him, Spectra released his debut EP, Lovemore, and new album Legend (Unfinished business) 2024 which made waves in the international market.


Spectra's music is a testament to his resilience and creativity. He's collaborated with top producers and artists, recording at renowned studios and voicing riddims for C.R.S Chil4ril records. His music is now available on global digital platforms, including Apple US, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.


Currently, Spectra is working on a new single for the clothing brand Ichanaya, "The brand of hope". This track is a powerful message of hope and resilience, speaking for the less fortunate and reassuring them that better days will come.


Spectra's story is a beacon of inspiration, proof that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Join him on his journey to stardom and experience the energy and passion that's making waves in the music industry.

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